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The mission of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship is captured in our short motto…serving, seeking, sharing. In fact, each of these three key words has three aspects: God directed, church oriented, and community focused.


  • Serving God is the ultimate reason that we exist, both as individuals and as a local body of believers. Our service is based on our love for God. We love Him because He loved us enough to freely sacrifice His Son Jesus on the cross to forgive us of our sins. Our service to God is less about specific actions and more about our attitude. We see God as the foundation and motivation for our lives, and we will invest our entire time on this planet learning how to surrender our will to His.

  • We can’t love God and not love our fellow believers. And in the same way, our service to each other is an extension of our service to God. Serving in the church means using the gifts and talents given to us by God to support one another and to help each other grow in our Christian faith.

  • Scripture makes it clear that believers are to look out for each other, but Jesus’ model of service to all is the template for our lives. In the Bible we have the greatest instruction manual the world has ever seen, and we can use this to transform our communities and  the world. We can be used of God as individuals and through the local church to work with local, national, and international agencies to improve people’s lives.


  • The true follower of Christ is a lifelong seeker. We seek for God’s wisdom and direction every day through reading and studying His Word, the Bible. We seek for His will through effective, daily prayer, which is best directed through an ever growing understanding of God’s Word. As we come to more fully grasp God’s wisdom, His direction, and His will, we become more aligned with His plan for us individually and for this world.

  • Seeking, as it pertains to the church, has to do with helping each member of the church become all that the Lord intends for their lives. Scripture tells every believer to consider other believers in order to stir each other to good works (Hebrews 10:24). This requires us to move past superficial relationships in the church and work to foster genuine, trusting, and accountable bonds. As new people enter our fellowship, it’s not up to them to try to fit in. Instead, we will engage them and make them feel at home.

  • When it comes to the community, or the world for that matter, we must be in line with Jesus’ mission, which was to seek and save the lost. We refer to this as evangelism, telling others  the good news of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Evangelism is more than just a program run by the church. It should be a lifestyle for every believer. Each of us has been given a unique mission field, in the form of our work, school, neighborhood, and friendships, and God expects us to be active in seeking those who don’t yet have a relationship with Jesus.


  • God made everything, so you may wonder, what could we possibly share with God? In a word, everything. To be very accurate, God in fact shares his goodness with us. It really all belongs to Him anyway. But instead of forcing us to give Him what’s due Him, God graciously waits for us to figure it out. The two big areas God wants us to share are our time and our money. We really can’t serve Him, our church, or our community if we’re stingy with either.

  • The Christian life is meant to be shared with other believers. We do serve together, and we should be seeking to build strong relationships with each other. But we also must be willing to share our lives. This takes us past having dinner together or helping out in church activities. It means helping to carry each others’ burdens, whether they’re physical, emotional, financial, or especially spiritual. And  it means hanging in there with a fellow believer when everyone is ready to abandon them.

  • To be followers of Jesus is to care for the needs of others in the same way that He did. True Christian faith is reaching out to others and helping them to overcome whatever challenges they may be facing. The church that desires to fulfill the role of service Jesus requires must move out beyond its front door. We want to help impact the lives of our neighbors by sharing with them from all that the Lord has given us.

  • We serve our God, our church, and our world. We seek to know God, to engage our fellow believers, and to reach the island and the world with the truth of the gospel message. We fellowship with our Lord through giving Him our lives, we share both the victories and burdens of our church members, and we give freely of our resources to those in need.

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