Where are you located?
Cornerstone Christian Fellowship is located at: 74-4972 Kealakaa Street just three blocks north of Kealakehe Elementary School.

What time is church?
Our primary Sunday morning service, which we call our Celebration Service starts at 10:30 AM. You can find other service times here.

What should I wear?
You might imagine that a church in Hawaii that worships in an open pavilion would love for you to be comfortable.  Shorts and slippers (sandals, flip-flops) are just fine because we’re more interested in getting to know you, not your clothes.

Do you allow people with tats and piercings?
Sure. Why wouldn’t we?

What’s the music like?
Our music has an upbeat, contemporary feel. Our musicians have varied backgrounds that bring a different flavor from week to week. On any given Sunday you might hear music that is contemporary, soulful, traditional, or even jazz.

As a guest, will I have to stand up in front of everyone?
We don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable in any way. No one is singled out.

What kind of children’s programs are offered?
We have a safe and entertaining environment for our nursery aged kids. As well, we have Keiki Church.  Keiki Church is a small group environment for elementary-aged children (K-5th grade) where they learn how to study the Bible and build quality friendships. The children meet with leaders who engage them in meaningful discussions and activities. We invite them to join us for a time of worship at the beginning of our service and then dismiss them for Keiki Church.

How long is your service?
Singing praises lasts for fifteen to twenty minutes. Typically the sermons last about 30-35 minutes. We’re not trying to teach you everything in one sitting. Instead, our hope is you’ll take something home each week that will help you live a better life. We finish up with the offering and a few announcements. Usually we’re done by about 11:30 or so.

Do I have to put money in the offering plate?
No. In fact, we encourage our first time guests not to give. The offering is for our regular attenders who support the work of the church. If you end up hanging around, you’ll want to do that too. But don’t feel like you need to kick in a ten or twenty to please us.

Can I lift my hands and clap during the singing and praise time?
Absolutely. We consider our Sunday morning service to be a celebration, and if you celebrate best by lifting your hands or clapping, then do it! By the same token, if you aren’t into hand raising and clapping, don’t feel any pressure. Do what works for you.

Is it OK to hang around after the service?
We hope you will! In fact, we have a full on lunch every Sunday after the morning Celebration Service. You’re invited to stay, eat your fill, and talk story with us.