We’re on a journey through the entire word of God!

We call our weekly study “Scouting Scripture”, because we’re exploring the Bible looking for information and inspiration. Between now and the end of 2016 we’re examining all 66 books of the Bible in order. Our goal is to understand the overall arc of Scriptural revelation and to have a better grasp of the major people, places, events, and theological concepts in the Bible.

Sunday School starts at 9:00 AM each week, and lasts for about an hour.

Sunday School audio and notes here

Our schedule for the first half of 2015:

January 4th: Joel 1-3 – The Day of the Lord
January 11th: Amos 1-8 – Going Through the Motions
January 18th: Obadiah – Edom’s Sin
January 25th: Jonah 1-4 – God’s Heart
February 1st: Micah 1-7 – Justice and Mercy
February 8th: Nahum 1-3 – The Downfall of Nineveh
February 15th: Habakkuk 1-3 – Rejoicing Through Disaster
February 22nd: Zephaniah 1-3 – Chastening and Blessings
March 1st: Haggai 1-2 – Rebuild the Temple
March 8th: Zechariah 1-7 – Future Glory
March 15th: Zechariah 8-14 – The Coming King
March 22nd: Malachi 1-4 – Calling Out Corruption
March 29th: Matthew 1-4 – Jesus’ Birth and Temptation
April 5th: Matthew 5-7 – Sermon on the Mount
April 12th: Matthew 8-12 – Developing the Ministry
April 19th: Matthew 13-17 – Upon This Rock
April 26th: Matthew 18-20 – Relationships
May 3rd: Matthew 21-25 – The Olivet Discourse
May 10th: Matthew 26-28 – Crucifixion and Resurrection
May 17th: Mark 1-5 – Early Ministry
May 24th: Open – Apologetics
May 31st: Open – Apologetics
June 7th: Mark 6-10 – Jew and Gentile
June 14th: Mark 11-13 – The Last Week
June 21st: Mark 14-16 – They Were Afraid
June 28th: Luke 1-4 – Jesus: The Early Years