If you ask most men, they can list a number of close friends they had in high school and early adulthood. But as the demands for their time increase and they invest themselves in family and work, many guys are left with no meaningful adult male relationships. For the average Christian man, this means that he is lacking those in his life who are there to encourage him and to spur him on to a deeper walk with Christ. The men’s ministry at Cornerstone exists to develop those encouraging and accountable relationships.

We realize these won’t happen by accident, and they certainly won’t grow just seeing each other on Sundays for a couple of hours. Our goal is to schedule regular social events which guys enjoy to foster our lives together. During these events we’ll have a time of Scriptural reflection and chalenge. On top of these, we seek to have a couple of getaways during the year where we can leave the pressure of our lives behind for a day or two and recharge physically, mentally, and especially spiritually.